Sep 8, 2022 • 28M

004 Eat Happy Kitchen Table Talk: Dr. Alexis Daniels

Some things to consider about fasting.

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Gluten Free, Low Carb recipes from a loud-mouth comic. When I'm not talking, I'm shoving homemade food down my gullet. Author of Eat Happy and Eat Happy Too. Slinger of literal not figurative sauce.
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Dr. Alexis Daniels

Dr. Alexis Daniels is one of those humans on a quest for knowledge. There’s never a time that I see her that she hasn’t been recently at a conference or a lecture where she’s furthering her knowledge of the human body in a way that is so admirable, she puts most in the medical community to shame.

Dr. Daniels and I had a brief conversation about fasting, yet she explains things in such a fantastically easy to understand way, I hope this resonates with you and gives you food for thought. And if you’re currently fasting as you listen to this, food for thought might be the only food you get for awhile.

Enjoy this interview!

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Functional Medicine | Energy Medicine by Dr. Alexis Daniels DC CACCP

Using modern modalities and ancient alchemy to transform your health. 

Dr. Alexis Daniels DC brings 15 years experience as a holistic practitioner blending function medicine and functional neurology to support and restore health. Vitality Lab will be partnering with Sports Academy to provide tailored health treatments based on assessing each client’s individual physiology, neurology and mind body environment.

Alexis completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Providence College in Rhode Island and continued her education to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles. She has also earned the CACCP certification and Webster certification from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics to treat pregnant women and children. Alexis has furthered her education with numerous postgraduate certifications in Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and nutrition. She is currently persuing her Doctorate of Functional Neurology, DACNB.