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Hi, I’m Anna Vocino. I’ve been writing recipes for a long, long time.

Most of those recipes are low carb and all are delicious.

I’m a comic and professional voice talent who cooks like a maniac.

When I'm not talking, I'm shoving homemade food down my gullet. I’m a slinger of literal not figurative sauce over at Eat Happy Kitchen dot com.

So pull up a chair in my kitchen and let’s hang out.

Here’s the part where I talk about myself in the third person:

Anna Vocino is the author of the Eat Happy Cookbooks. Her recipes are always gluten free, and almost always keto, low carb, NSNG (No Sugars No Grains), Whole 30, and grain free. She likes making food at home that you would like to make in your home, and that’s why she can’t stop creating new recipes to share.

Every week, Anna shares new recipes, insights, tips, and tricks to living a life free from processed foods. If you’re a paid subscriber ($5/month or $50/annually), you will receive subscriber-only recipes, audio/video content, product recommendations, FAQs, and bonus content, all made with extra love.

Here are three of my most popular posts to get you to subscribe (hint hint):

Cheeseburger Pie

Chicken Taco Salad with Avocado Cilantro Crema Dressing

Low Carb Deconstructed Filet O Fish

Thanks for being here, let’s have fun.

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#Comedy face, #voiceover mouth. NBC promos, #celiac, and author of the Eat Happy cookbooks. Purveyor of organic, no sugar added tomato sauces and spice blends at Eat Happy Kitchen. Recipe writing machine. I take all my own photos, food or otherwise.